Winner is Loser Challenge


It all started with boys being boys…"I can top you"…"Oh yeah, I can top you"..  Before you knew it The Floor Factory Co-owners, Marc Smith and Randy Thomas, turned their “I can top you” fun into a challenge – a charity challenge.

Marc Smith said he could raise the most money for his charity – VVAPL Humane Society.  To prove it:  If Marc raises the most money for his charity, VVAPL Humane Society, he promises to have his hairy chest waxed on Facebook Live on August 27.

How can you get involved?  Click on the donate button above and donate money.  Help Marc win the charity challenge, which in turn helps the animals at VVAPL.  All donations are tax deductible, and 100% of the proceeds go to the animals.

The charity challenge starts August 1 and runs through August 22.  Donate Now because…..