Billy's Bullys

Pit Bull commonly comes to mind when “bully breed” is mentioned, but there are a variety of dogs that fall under this category.  Common breeds include American Pit Bull Terrier, American Staffordshire Terrier, Boxer, Boston Terrier, and Bulldog.  Although these breeds are known for their tough, intimidating appearance, they can be loyal, loving pets. 

VVAPL Humane Society is committed to finding homes for as many unwanted animals as possible, including “bully breeds.”  Billy’s Bullys highlights some of the wonderful bully breed dogs we’ve found homes for.  This page is named after VVAPL Humane Society’s Lead Kennel Technician Billy Lee Reddington, Jr. because of his familiarity and love of the breed and to honor the memory of his beloved Pit Bull, Junior.  

               Billy Lee Reddington, Jr. with Zap,        Junior wearing his favorite   

               a 3-year-old Pit Bull tased for               team's jersey - Green Bay Packers

               chasing golfers on the course.

               After this wake-up call, he just

               wants to hang out.


Adopted Bullies

Nebbie- adopted January 2018


                   Kosmo, Pit

             Adopted June 2017

           Boss, Pit/Shepherd                                          Candy, Pit

              Adopted May 2017                                     Adopted June 2017

        Bruce, Cane Corso Mastiff                         Peaches, Pit/Lab

          Adopted February 2017                            Adopted May 2017

     Oden, 2 to 3-year-old Pit Bull           Sassy, 10 month Pocket Pit

     Adopted January 2017                      Adopted January 2017

     Mamas, 2-year-old Pit Bull                  Thor, 2-year-old Dane/Mastiff

     Adopted November 2016                     Adopted November 2016