Lifesaver Medical Fund

        The LifeSaver Medical Fund was set up to treat animals in need of medical treatment that might otherwise be euthanized.  Snakebites, amputations, skin diseases, and eye removals are just a few of the medical conditions treated successfully because of generous donations to the fund. 

     The Victor Valley Animal Protective League continues to help animals in need with the LifeSaver Medical Fund as donations come in. To be part of these medical miracles, you can donate to the fund by sending a check, by phone with a credit card, or following the donate link below.  All donations are tax deductible.


              Austin's eye before surgery.     Austin with his forever family

Austin, a 2-year-old purebred Cocker Spaniel, came to VVAPL Humane Society as a stray.  His right eye was inflamed and had a discharge because his eyelashes were pointed in the wrong direction, towards his eye instead of away from it.  As a result, Austin’s eyelashes were rubbing against his cornea causing the extreme discomfort.  Left untreated the condition could result in infections and an ulcerated cornea.  Eye repair surgery was performed, and Austin was adopted by Carolina, who grew up with Cocker Spaniels and fell in love with Austin as soon as she saw him. 


                      Masky smooches Coleen and plays with mother hen Jessie.

       Coleen “The Mighty Quinn” Y102 morning show host discovered Masky in her garage in February, 2014.  The male 3 to 5-year-old Siamese or Snowshoe Mix cat had an extremely large pus filled abscess on the left side of his head due to unknown trauma.  The cat’s head was so swollen he couldn’t see out of his eye.  Within 20 minutes of arriving at the shelter, the cat was in surgery to drain the abscess, insert a drainage tube, and suture the wound.  Masky made a full recovery, and Coleen and her family welcomed Masky into their family.


           Prudence with a reassuring paw on Lucy.     

                     Josh with Lucy and Rochelle with Prudence on their daily walk.

       Lucy was rescued on January 3, 2013 by Josh Maze from a ditch on northbound I-15.  She was possibly hit by a car.  Lucy required surgery to repair a 6 to 8 inch deep gash requiring a drainage tube, staples and stitches, along with the removal of three teeth.  Maze felt an instant connection to Lucy so he and his wife Rochelle adopted her, and now Lucy has a wonderful family, including her new mother hen Prudence, a 3-year-old Shepherd/Pit Mix.


Miracle and Alex....a match made in heaven.

      In August, Adelanto Animal Control brought Miracle, a female four-month-old Border Collie, to VVAPL with life threatening injuries to her neck and abdomen due to a coyote attack.  Miracle required surgery, over 50 stitches, and two drainage tubes.  The Veterinarian couldn’t guarantee the surgery’s outcome, but true to her name, five weeks later Miracle has her miracle…a FOREVER HOME.  


       Emmet's collar was so tight it had grown into his neck and had to be surgically removed.  After the medical attention, Emmet's neck healed, and he was adopted.



       Lola was a 6-week old boxer puppy that entered our shelter with a skin disorder.  She looked so miserable we couldn't help but fall in love with her and do everything possible to give her a great life. Lola’s treatment was going to take a couple of months, so we began asking for donations to help with the costs of medication and housing.


       Our shelter partners, customers and employees came to the rescue and the LifeSaver Medical Fund was formed. We are happy to say that her condition improved and “Lola” was adopted to a wonderful family and is living happily ever after.




Cheeks and Karen


       “Cheeks” came into the shelter as a stray in early March with a severely swollen face. After being examined by the Veterinarian, it was determined that a snake had bitten him. The staff at the Shelter and Best Choice Animal Clinic instantly fell in love with this little guy and named him “Cheeks” because he looked like a chipmunk.


       Thanks to the LifeSaver Medical Fund and (one of our benefactors) Frances Kirkendoll, “Cheeks” the beagle was treated and is doing great.




                   Hanovi and her puppies        Hanovi, now named Scout, and her daddy


       Hanovi was attacked by a coyote while protecting her puppies.  On top of that she was bitten by a rattlesnake.  Some good Samaritans brought the puppies to the shelter, but it took two more days for the people to find Hanovi.  Fortunately, Hanovi’s wounds were not extensive.  Her wounds and the rattlesnake bite were successfully treated.  Hanovi and all but one of her puppies survived.  This brave mommy and all her babies found their forever homes.

Many animals enter our shelter in need of medical treatment, and your gift of $10.00 to $1,000.00 helps save lives.