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Canines-Dogs and Puppies

Felines-Cats and Kittens



 Spay/neutering  by appointment see clinic page for information 



Crematory call shelter for prices


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In addition to animal adoptions.  We also provide animal admissions services for those who must give up or turn in a pet or animal they can no longer care for. 

The standard rate for turning in an animal is $45.00-$75.00  in order to care for this animal and then try to find a suitable home for them. This is a last resort shelter and we offer no guarantee of placement. All owned animals must be evaluated prior to release.


If you have found an animal and are not sure what to do please call your local animal control for assistance.

  All of the other areas have their own shelters that those animals need to go to.  Please check for phone numbers of those areas:

 Adelanto                                                                   760 246-2301

Apple Valley                                                              760-240-7000

Hesperia                                                                    760-947-1700

Oak Hills, Lucerne Valley, Phelan,

Wrightwood go to Apple Valley Town                  760 240-7000      

Victorville                                                                760-955-5089


Lost animals are held for 7 to 10 days before being put up for adoption.  Please if you lose your pet, check the shelter immediately.  Please have your pets micro-chipped to save you and your pet from this heartache.