Testimonial Details



To all the staff and all of those involved in rescuing Ethan, now named Oliver or Olly for short.  He is the perfect dog.  He was so calm, friendly and well behaved.  He enjoyed the car ride home, looking out the window and resting his head on my shoulder for a little snooze.  We took him for the midnight walk around the block where he happily participated in his daily needs. LOL.  Into the house where we gave him a bath in the kitchen sink.  It’s a Deep with removable faucet.  He was clingy for about two minutes until he realized he was at the spa and that he was perfectly great with it and enjoying it.  Kendle wrapped him up and dried them off and then he went absolutely berserk all over the house.  He ran up and down the hallway into the kitchen, up on the couch, which is like a huge block style couch.  He dug into all the pillows and blankets and then found his new rope toy, which he absolutely loves.  Today he went to work with my daughter, and the staff all loved him.  I think he’s going to be a permanent fixture there.  Tonight, he’s going to meet some of his new puppy friends for a play date.  He’s going to have a wonderful life.

Ethan aka Olly, male Terrier between 1 and 1.5 years, recently travelled to his forever home in Canada.

Tanya Rowlands

January 2017