July is National Lost Pet Prevention Month. Many pets are displaced this month following firework displays and celebrations. Annually over 10 million pets go missing, and the majority of them tragically do not make it back home. We encourage you to take measures to ensure the safety and well-being of your pet year-round so that your furry family member does not join the ranks of the animals that don’t return home. Below are a few suggestions for preventing pets from going missing, and ensuring they can make their way home if they do.

  • Make sure your pets have collars and legible tags. Collars can become worn or lose so check them often.
  • Microchipping is an easy and proactive solution to finding your lost pet.  Microchipping is a simple procedure; the chip is injected under the skin like a vaccination. Unlike collars and tags which can slip off or become worn, microchips are permanent and can scanned by any veterinarian or animal agency.
  • Ensure your yard is secure. Drop to your pet’s level and examine the perimeter of your fence and gates and check for holes or loose fencing. Fix any problems immediately to keep your pet from getting lose and injured.
  • Introduce yourself and your pet to your neighbors. If your neighbors know your pet, they can easily bring it home or alert you if it gets loose.
  • Train your pets to stay in the yard. If you have a pet that jumps the fence or rushes the door, this behavior can be modified.
  • Keep pets in the house during firework displays and celebrations. Many pets become scared and their instinct is to run and hide when they hear loud noises. The two weeks surrounding Fourth of July are the busiest of the year for animal shelters.

Being a proactive pet owner will ensure your pets’ happiness and safety.

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VVAPL Humane Society is holding a microchip clinic for pets of Adelanto residents on Saturday, March 30 from 9 a.m. to noon at Adelanto City Hall, 11600 Air Expressway.  VVAPL will microchip the first 50 pets of Adelanto residents FREE of charge (proof of residency required).  Microchips are $10 for pets of non-Adelanto residents and pets after the first 50.  This clinic is being held during the City of Adelanto's Dog License and Vaccination Clinic for pets of Adelanto Residents.  For more information on the microchip clinic please call (760) 247-2102.



































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