Rosco, a Maltipoo estimated around 6 years old, was found wandering the streets of Victorville.  From his appearance, he had been neglected for some time.  His fur was matted, especially around his bottom containing dried feces, and the fur around his mouth was extremely darkened due to drainage from rotting, infected teeth.  On top of that, his testicles failed to descend into his scrotum, called abdominal crypt, which can lead to testicular cancer and hormone imbalances.  Without medical intervention, Rosco’s days were numbered, but thanks to the LifeSaver Medical Fund, Rosco has a new leash on life.

The veterinarian worked on Rosco for over three hours.  He had over ten teeth pulled and was put on antibiotic to treat the infection from the numerous rotted teeth.  His remaining teeth were cleaned.  The doctor performed a procedure to remove his testicles, and cleaned up the staining around his mouth and eyes.  After everything was done, Rosco’s medical bill was $700, which was covered in full by the LifeSaver Medical Fund.

Today Rosco is in a loving home.  The fee to adopt him?  Only $25, thanks to a donation from the Dorothy K. Thomas Trust and the LifeSaver Medical Fund. 

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