We Cleared Our Shelter & Treated Homeless Pets

August 19 was a very busy day – Clear the Shelter National Adoption Drive & International Homeless Animal Day.  We not only cleared our shelter by finding homes for our animals, but we treated five dogs belonging to owners from the homeless community.

Thanks to a donation from the Dorothy K. Thomas Trust and Southwest Gas’ employee donor program, Fuel For Life, we were able to offer FREE pet adoptions at the Nationwide Adoption Drive“Clear the Shelters.”      

In addition, SWG’s employee-volunteer team called the Blue Crew – Building Lives Up Everywhere – helped during the event.  At the end of the day 36 dogs, 12 cats, 2 rabbits and 1 guinea pig found a home.

In honor of International Homeless Animal Day, in partnership with Victorville Animal Care & Control, and thanks to donations from VVAPL supporters and Fuel For Life, we spay/neutered, microchipped and gave rabies vaccines to five dogs belonging to the homeless community at no charge to their pet owners. 

We had two major obstacles in this endeavor – signing up pets belonging to the homeless community and getting pet owners in the homeless community to trust that VVAPL and Victorville Animal Care and Control would give their pets back. 

During an event to feed the homeless community, we signed up ten pets.  We told the pet owners not to be alarmed when Victorville Animal Care & Control showed up because they were going to transport their pets to VVAPL for the medical procedures and return them.  We were thrilled with a 50% turnout on Aug 19.  It is a start to building a relationship within the homeless community and making this an annual event.

Photo:  Southwest Gas’ the Blue Crew at Clear the Shelters

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